Imported from France





For Meat Lovers

Our chefs prepare the grill menu to perfection. You can order tenderloin steak, rib eye steak, T-bone steak, finest beef burgers, with all the extras, slow cooked pork burgers and barbecue ribs. These are all customer favourites, created by Chef Mikko.

Our beef is imported Black Angus from Australia. This beef is free range, hormone free and MSA graded. Natural farming in stress-free environment and 100% grass feeding makes the meat more tender, tastier and juicier with fine marbling.

Our pulled pork burger is prepared by slowly smoking and barbecuing pork shoulder for 12 hours in our ceramic Kamado grill, the ribs too are cooked slowly with the barbecue sauce prepared as a special secret recipe. The grill selection really is a delight for meat lovers.

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